15.6. ExercisesΒΆ

    1. Fill in the parameter list for g so that the invocations of g yield the return values specified

    1. Define a function called nums that has three parameters. The first parameter, an integer, should be required. A second parameter named mult_int should be optional with a default value of 5. The final parameter, switch, should also be optional with a default value of False. The function should multiply the two integers together, and if switch is True, should change the sign of the product before returning it.

    1. Write a function called together that takes three parameters, the first is a required parameter that is a number (integer or float), the second is a required parameter that is a string, and the third is an optional parameter whose default is ” β€œ. What is returned is the first parameter, concatenated with the second, using the third.

15.6.1. Contributed ExercisesΒΆ

Q-1: After completing the reading, what concepts are still unclear to you? If nothing is unclear, what did you find most interesting?

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