Reversing Text

Run this next one, and look at how a simple change to the pattern gives a very different result. Here we’ll combine before rather than afterward, changing only Step 4 (how values are accumulated).

    csp-9-2-1: Why do you think newStringB has all the letters, but in the reverse order?

  • Because we add each new letter at the end of newStringB.
  • Each new letter gets added at the end, which creates a reversal.
  • Because newStringA is adding the characters from left to right.
  • How would that reverse the other string?
  • Because we called a reverse function.
  • There is no reverse function in this program.
  • Because the for loop is doing a reversal
  • The same for loop is creating both an in-order copy of the string and a reversed order of the string. The for loop is the same in both cases.

Write the code to make a palindrome with the string “popsicle”. Palindromes read the same foward and backwards. Example: appleelppa

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