The Little Computer Assembler

Input code into the left box. Then click "Assemble Code". The Result pane will show the output after you run the assembler. If all goes well, you will see your final code output after a line like this: "--------------------". You can then use the "Try Code in Little Computer" button to try running the program in a Little Computer.
There is an assembly language reference at the bottom of the page. See here for more information about writing Little Computer Assembly.

Type Assembly Here:


Instruction Guide:

Assembly Machine Code Instruction Note
HLT 000 Halt
ADD 1XX Add location XX
SUB 2XX Subtract location XX
STA 3XX Store to XX STore Accumulator
LDA 5XX Load from XX LoaD Accumulator
BRA 6XX Branch always to XX BRanch Always
BRZ 7XX Branch to XX if ACC equals 0 BRanch if Zero
BRP 8XX Branch to XX if ACC >= 0 BRanch if Positive
INP 901 Get input
OUT 902 Output
DAT Used to say "store data here". Examples:
  • X DAT : "Make this location be called X, leave it blank to store data.
  • Y DAT 5 : "Make this location be called Y, Start it with value 5.

XX indicates a two-digit memory address