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Section 1.4 Why am I seeing Ads

Our mission is to make high quality textbooks available to all students for free. But, servers cost money, development takes time and money. One way that we support the mission of Runestone is to show ads to a some of our visitors. Specifically we only show ads to people who have not created an account. That means that the vast majority of ads are actually served to people who land on one of our pages because of a search. Generally speaking these are not students in a class.

If you want to make the ads go away it is easy, just create an account. Don't worry, we don't sell your email address, or give away your name. Feel free to use a fake email and fake name. Although if you forget your password you won't be able to reset it without a working email. As an instructor you should read Section 3.2 if you want to set your students up to use Runestone Academy anonymously.

If every class that used Runestone could pay $100 for the semester regardless of the size of the class we would have enough money to be fully sustainable, and not show any ads to anyone. We would love that. We are not huge fans of ads either. So maybe you can help us figure out how to do that.

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