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Section 1.3 Privacy

In order to do things like remember work in progress, record scores, etc. Runestone needs a student to have a persistent user id. In 2022 we realize it is quite common to use one's email address as that persistent identifier, but we do not. We still use usernames so that you or your student can make up something completely disconnected from a students personal information. In fact one can successfully use runestone with a random username, a fake email address, and a fake first and last name. The only caveat to that is that if you forget your password you won't be able to reset it with a fake email address!

We urge you to read our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service We understand that in 2022 it is common, especially for high schools, to want us to sign a data privacy agreement. Please understand that as an open source project we do not have a lot of resources for reading legalese. You can help a lot by looking at your data privacy policy and crossing out the part where it says that Runestone will reimburse your school in the event of a data breach. You get to use Runestone for free, why should we be required to pay you for an event that we cannot fully control. Major corporations and banks have breaches regularly. The good news is that we really are not likely to be a target. We just don't store anything that valuable.

One of the strengths of Runestone is that many of our features have been created and tested and validated by published research! That is good news for your students. It also means that we do cooperate with a small number of highly trusted research partners at major universities. We give them access to fully de-identified data from our database to help them conduct experiements on new features. This makes the experience better for everyone while keeping your student's work anonymous.

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