randRange( 1, 5 ) randRange( 1, 10 ) * FACTOR randRange( 1, 10 ) * FACTOR getGCD( NUM, DENOM )

person(1) has plural( NUM, fruit( 0 ) ) for every plural( DENOM, fruit( 1 ) ). Write the ratio of fruit( 0 )s to fruit( 1 )s as a simplified fraction.


Ratios can be written in a few different ways that mean the same thing.

You can express a ratio with a colon separating the two numbers.


You can write it out as a phrase like this.

NUM \text{ to } DENOM

Or, you can express a ratio as a fraction.

\dfrac{NUM}{DENOM}=fractionReduce( NUM, DENOM )

Therefore, fractionReduce( NUM, DENOM ) is the ratio of fruit( 0 )s to fruit( 1 )s written as a simplified fraction.