7.2. Worked Example: Writing Method Headers 2ΒΆ

Subgoals for Writing Methods

  1. Define method header based on problem

  2. Define return statement at the end

  3. Define method body/logic

    1. Determine types of logic (expression, selection, loop, etc)

    2. Define internal variables

    3. Write statements

You can watch this video or read through the content below it.

Problem 1: Write a public method that does not return anything but accepts as parameters 3 Strings and prints out a cheerful sentence with the input in it.

Write a private method
public void cheerful (String a, String b, String c) {}

A call to this method would look like: obj.cheerful(alpha, beta, gamma");

Problem 2: Write a public method header that would work for this call:

int  wobble;
wobble = obj.happy (7, "hello", "bye");

A full method header contains:

  • access modifier,

  • return type,

  • method name, and

  • full parameter list (data type parameter_name)

Write a public method
public int happy (int a, String b, String c) {}
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